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Heavy Duty Patio Umbrella

Garden & Patio Umbrella Manufacturers in India, Bangalore. Available in Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad

Ventrilla Patio Umbrella

Heavy Duty Patio Umbrella India

Ventrilla is a heavyduty 3-tier Garden & Patio Umbrella in India ideal for resorts, clubs and open garden restaurants and can of course add beauty and elegance to your own garden.  Beautifully and


Specifications of Patio Umbrella

The Patio Umbrella’s center pipe is made out of Stainless Steel, grade SS 304 with an outer diameter of 50 mm with wall thickness of 2mm.The pole is polished and brushed finished.


Fabric Colors Used  

Heavy Duty Garden Umbrella India

The international brand Dickson fabric is used in Ventrilla Garden/Patio Umbrella in India. Dickson fabric is acrylic and it is a 100 % solution dyed fabric.The color is locked into the fabric and lasts


Three-Tier Design with Dual Vents

Garden/Patio Umbrella India

A wind vent is a flap in the fabric of canopy, or top, of a patio umbrella, that allows for wind and heat to escape the top of the umbrella. There are two main reasons why this is important.

Stability. The Wind Vent allows for wind and air to be safely “vented” through your umbrella. Without the Wind Vent, what you would have is a very big and expensive kite. Think of your hand umbrella in a strong breeze; turn the umbrella the wrong way, and not only does it turn inside out, but 9 times out of 10, it will fly away, usually very far away. However, because of the wind vent in our umbrellas, air and wind have a means of escape, without carrying the whole umbrella along with it.

Comfort. Heat rises, and patio umbrellas can trap a lot of heat under the canopy, like a hot air balloon. The Wind Vent allows for hot air to escape out of the top, and let’s cool air rush in underneath to cool the inside of the canopy. Without a Wind Vent, you’d be standing underneath a hot air oven. Not the best place to be on a hot day, and completely kills the purpose of having an outdoor shade.

Ventrilla is a dual wind vent garden/patio umbrella avialable in India. The two wind vents placed at the top and middle positions of the umbrella canopy gives you twice the ventilation and twice the heat dissipation. Twice as efficient as a single vent umbrella. Ventrilla garden umbrella dual vent cover also gives your patio umbrella an added design feature that gives a little more fashion and elegance to your patio design. The Dual Wind Vent is perfect for those windy outdoor areas, or patios that are in hot or tropical locals, where heat dissipation is really important.


Garden/Patio Umbrella India

Established in Bangalore, India in the year 1995, “Megavent Technologies Pvt Ltd” is renowned for providing excellent performance and high quality range of Industrial Tools and Protective Equipments that include Telescopic Covers, Tubular Telescopic Cover, Link Apron Covers, Roll Away Covers, Way Wipers, Industrial Bellows and many more. We are now into Garden/Patio Umbrellas in India and also Telescopic Swimming Pool Enclosures.

Outdoor garden& patio umbrellas is the best way to help you enjoy your outdoors. This could become your one of the best investments that will for sure add value to the outdoors you want them to give shade. With the right outdoor fabric, like Dickson acrylics, a garden/patio umbrella can protect you from harmful UV rays which can cause skin cancer while giving you, your family and your customers a great place to relax or entertain.

Over time, umbrella manufacturing has improved and become somewhat of a fashion statement for the outdoor decorators. These outdoors umbrellas become a central theme and a fun element of patio and garden decor. In all honesty, a patio without a patio umbrella just doesn’t look and feel right.

Ventrilla is the heavy duty garden/patio umbrella in India which can withstand the elements for years and give your patio the elegance and necessary shade to you and your customers.