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Heavy Duty Patio Umbrella


The Fabrics used in Ventrilla garden umbrella are from Dickson. Dickson is a French textile brand par excellence when it comes to awning fabrics. Whereever you see the Dickson brand, you can be sure of maximum quality and durability. The acrylic fibre used in Dickson fabrics is solution-dyed so it will not break down, will stand up to the effects of UV radiation over the long term, will remain unaffected by severe weather condition.

Even when fully exposed to the light, colours retain their brilliance, year after year. The afbric has also undergone a speacial treatment to make it exceptionally resistant to rain and to atmospheric pollution. Quality like this enables us guarantee your fabric for 5-10 years. 

Dickson’s pledges:

Resistance to Water: CLEANGARD treatment protects against any risk of pocketing or soiling.

Avoiding Greenhouse Effects: Fabric by Dickson blocks out up to 95% of heat and glare.

Preserving Colours: SUNACRYL solution-dyed acrylic fibre protects colours (UV resistance rating of 7-8/8) 





Pavot 8814

Pavot J069

Pavot J066

Mediterranean Blue Tweed 8790