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Heavy Duty Patio Umbrella

Specifications of Ventrilla Patio Umbrella







1. The parasol center pipe is made out of Stainless Steel, grade SS 304with an outer diameter of 50 mm with wall thickness of 2mm .

2. The pole is polished and brushed finished. We do not powder coat the center pole as in some time as the sprocket moves up and down, the paint chips and the parasol looks very tacky.

3. The struts are clamped together using SS side plates and SS dome bolts are used instead of aluminum which are very highly prone to break.

4. This Patio/Garden Umbrella is provided with a heavy granite base – 75kgs

5. Dickson fabric is acrylic and it is a100 % solution dyed fabric .The color is locked into the fabric and lasts as long as the fabric. Consequently the colors will resist fading from UV rays, chlorine, salt water and washing. It gives very good water résistance and eliminates up to 95 % of heat & glare.